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CAke & Ale Studio Gallery & Gift shop

The Cake & Ale Studio Fine Art Gallery and Gift Shop is moving to Studio Herbage, located next door at 16 N. Perry St. in Johnstown! The new space is slated to open Monday, February 4, 2019!

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase and sell not only my own art, but also that of several female artists whose work I admire greatly.

Pyrography (aka wood burning) is a zen kind of thing for Ellen. Not only does she love the smell of wood smoke, she also loves how each piece creates itself. Ellen rarely has a preconceived design for a piece but lets the shape of the item or the grain of the wood dictate the direction. Sometimes this proceeds very smoothly and other times not so much. There are no mistakes in wood burning. You can't erase a burn mark. But each slip of the tool or twist of the grain creates a opportunity for a new idea. Sometimes she is hard pressed to find a way to cover a "mistake" but it almost always comes to her eventually. Just like life, you take the turns and bumps and try to create something good out of it. Sometimes, in Ellen's case, you re-invent it over and over. The process can feel precarious but the rewards for her have been amazing and wonderful.

Theresa Christensen is a long-time artist, whose portraits, illustrations and 3-dimensional figures are directly influenced by pop culture, primarily movies and television shows from the 1970’s through today. A native of Long Island, New York, Theresa received a healthy dose of television and movies as an impressionable youth, and taught herself to draw (before she even knew her ABC’s/123’s) by copying images and illustrations she spotted in Rolling Stone, Archie Comics, and MAD Magazine. Theresa began painting in the mid 1990’s while attending SUNY New Paltz, as a visual arts major. Since then, she has shown her work in Manhattan and Long Island. Theresa has drawn creative inspiration from other artists who have successfully made a name for themselves in the industry portraying movie and music icons in their work, such as Tara McPherson, Isabel Samaras, Kirk Demarais, Rich Pellegrino and Jason Edmiston. Theresa also designed the cover of journalist/author Greg Prato’s novel, “MTV Ruled The World: The Early Years of Music Video.” Theresa has sold her work at The Roebling Fair, a sidewalk art fair hosted by Tara McPherson’s Art Boutique The Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn, NY.  She was named “Best Artist/Painter” on Long Island by the Bethpage Best of Long Island for 2015, and she was nominated in their 2016 and 2017 competitions. Theresa is always on the lookout for exciting new projects, so feel free to give her a shout…she’s all ears.

Susy Easterly, designer and craftsman, is the owner of Easterly Woodwork and Design in Gloversville, NY. Her furniture derives from her innate desire to build functional yet beautiful objects. All of her pieces are handcrafted and traditionally joined. The chair is her favorite object to create because chairs allow her full design process to be exposed. Susy takes a minimalist approach when building furniture and she challenges herself to make simple objects with few materials. Her designs are simple yet sophisticated and her heirloom-quality furniture has style and functionality to last a lifetime. Susy is a 2005 graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design, where she earned an M.F.A. in Industrial Design.

Cake & Ale Studio Owner Kate Ehle is the former Director of Communications for Lexington, an agency which supports individuals with developmental disabilities. Prior to joining Lexington, Kate was the Art Director for OPERA America (New York, NY), the national service organization for opera, for 11 years. She has also done design work for The Glimmerglass Festival, Symphony Space, the National Performing Arts Convention and the National Endowment for the Arts. An avid music photographer, Kate has been an invited regular contributor to and WNYC’s Culture Hub. She has shot for OPERA America, Symphony Space and the Anthology Film Archives and has been published online by Gothamist and The Village Voice and in print by The Boston Globe and Opera America. Kate is a digital artist and creates her digital collages by manipulating and combining her photographs and experimenting with color, texture and mood. She has had several solo exhibitions and has had work in group shows from New York City to Savannah, Georgia. She holds a B.S in Organizational Communication, Learning and Design from Ithaca College.

Ezerd is an artist of robots, spaceships and other things otherworldly. Her work explores the machinery of humanity and the humanity of machinery. The works delve into technology integration with our lives and bodies, how far we let the machines take over, and the point at which humans and machines become one. Ezerd explores the underlying concepts of inter-connectivity between humans despite age, affluence, ethnicity, or any of the other barriers thathumans have constructed for themselves. in this way, her works transcend the medium to get at the very heart of humanity and the core of human existence. Ezerd lives in the Bronx, NYC, where the machines are especially inspiring.

Shanna Fliegel grew up in Northwest New Jersey with a ferret, horse, dog, cat, bird, iguana, lizards, snakes and rabbits. After graduating with a BFA in Ceramics from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA, she went on to complete two residencies at the Cub Creek Foundation in Appomattox, VA and Greenwich House Pottery in NY, NY. Drawing was her first love and she continued to search for the perfect marriage of image with clay while completing her MFA at Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville. After graduate school in 2008, Shanna had the opportunity to work as a resident and teacher at the Clay Art Center in Port Chester, NY and as a summer resident at the Archie Bray Foundation in Helena, MT. She taught ceramics as Assistant Professor of Art at Montana State University in Billings from 2010‐2014. Shanna lives in New Bern, NC with her two sons Richie and Emmett and husband Brian. Shanna currently teaches Ceramics, Drawing, and Art Appreciation at Craven Community College as a part-time instructor, and works as a studio artist in her ceramics studio, Sidesaddle Ceramics.

Erin Kelly is a local Johnstown artist with a broad range of specialties, including printmaking, photography, bookmaking and video art. She received her Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art from California State University at Chico in 2012 and her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from The State University of New York at Potsdam in 2006. Through her artwork, Erin creates immersive, interactive installations for viewers to enter and engage in. She uses her own personal history and memories to connect with others through shared popular culture references that reflect upon an entire generation. Erin works with objects she collects as source material for her work and uses the camera to record ephemeral moments in time. In addition to the arts, her other passions include teaching, music and, most importantly, being a mother to her son Charlie.

Sarah Van Tassel of Iron Will Silver is a self-taught silversmith based in Western Pennsylvania.

Sarah Wilson-Sparrow is a custom jewelry designer based in Gloversville, NY. She describes her jewelry as "freshly vintage."